Anita Feller – Pain and Slavesex Model

Anita Feller – Pain and Slavesex Model

Cold pain production from the golden treasures of 1970s BDSM films and 1980s VHS movies! This time we once again have a look at rare bits from the career of legendary German fetish model Anita Feller in our vintage BDSM series.

Anita Feller was a wonder on the BDSM scene as she featured as main painslut in several Pain movies, Slavesex releases and Hard Games films during the late 1970s till sometime around 1990. The German slave girl was made to undergo the agony and pleasure of a wide range of tortures along the way. She was hung by her tits, has her nipples pierced in hard play piercing sessions and was whipped mercilessly in the priate German dungeons she frequented. Follow the amazing exploits of Anita Feller!

anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1 anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1a anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1b  anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1d anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1e anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1f anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1g anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1h anita-feller-bdsm-movies-1i vintage6910 Anita Feller - pain 5 - image 1 Anita Feller - pain 5 - image 2 Anita Feller - pain 5 - image 3 Anita Feller - pain 5 - image 4 Anita Feller - pain 5 - image 5 pain5-anita-feller1 pain5-anita-feller2 pain5-anita-feller4 pain5-anita-feller3 pain5-anita-feller10 pain5-anita-feller9 pain5-anita-feller8 pain5-anita-feller7 pain5-anita-feller6 pain5-anita-feller5

Anita Feller BDSM Movies

Movies featuring Anita Feller:

  • Anita Feller – Slavesex Pinns and Needles
  • Anita Feller – Pain 03
  • Anita Feller – Slavesex 4 House Of Amsterdam
  • Anita Feller – Pain 5
  • Anita Feller – Pain 07
  • Anita Feller – Pain 08
  • Pain 9
  • Anita Feller – Pain 10
  • Anita Feller – Gefolterte Sklavinnen Teil I

Anita Feller - Gefolterte Sklavinnen Teil I Pain 9 Anita Feller - Pain 07 Anita Feller - Pain 08 Anita Feller - Slavesex 4 House Of Amsterdam Anita Feller - Pain 03 anita-feller-bdsm-movie2 pain5-anita-feller pain10-anita-feller2

Very painful recording from 70-ties. Observe ANITA FELLER being pierced and punished. Blood, scourging, etc. of Anita Feller. A Genuine Masochist FROM Sound OLD Life.

Anita Feller was German pornographic actress, specializing in slaty Sado masochism, extremum hurting, slave and piss- and torture videos.

Anita Feller from Germany was frequent of the oldest and most extreme torment films of the 1980s in Germany. Bondage and piss- and punishment videos became her strong trademark and she had a visible stake in the rise of the BDSM releases of the 70-ties. Not all videos are up 2 term compared to regular standards of our age, but the content in the old Slavesex and Pain releases featuring Feller is unquestionable authentic bd/sm of the hardest kind.

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