Nimue Allen

Nimue Allen is an experienced, bondage, bdsm, spanking and nude in public model, who is located in the West Midlands of the UK. She enjoys shooting glamour and art nude, and anything a bit quirky or odd, and have somehow managed to gain a reputation with a few togs as “the girl that’s stupid enough to do the stuff most wont” – that includes shooting NIP in Scotland in late December and being buried in the woods!


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Nimue Allen Facts

Name: Nimue Allen

Location: United Kinkdom

Age: 30

Eyes: Hazel

Shape: BBW

Kinks: BDSM, Exhibitionism, G/G

Feature: – Nimue Allen at Freeones

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Work as: Model, Rigger, Webcam, 1-2-1[/box]

Nimue Allen is working from solo levels up to hard g/g and can happily travel within the UK or Europe.

The career of Nimue Allen started about 8 years ago now and she has continously developed and learnt a lot since the first time in front of the camera. She always brings a positive attitude and a lot of enthusiasm on a shoot, and work her hardest to get the results you want.

For bondage, bdsm and spanking shoots she have very few limits and she is more than happy to try new things

You can also hunt down Nimue as a  cam model

Websites Nimue appears on:
Shadowslaves (as submissive and rigger)
ThePainFiles (as submissive and rigger/Domme)
English Spankers
Sound Punishment
Northern Spanking
Red Stripe Films
UK Flashers
Mission Of Exhibition

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