Spanking 1-2-1

Hi, I’m Nimue Allen! I’ve been being spanked in my personal life and for websites for quite some time now, but am now available for 1-2-1 spanking sessions.I love getting spanked, meeting new people, and trying new things, so offering 1-2-1′s seemed like a great way of combining the three.I work from a comfortable venue in North Birmingham, which provides domestic, schoolroom and dungeon settings, as well as making regular working trips to London.I love to do elaborate role plays where I get to dress up and act out a scene with you, resulting in me being spanked, of course. Role plays where I can be stubborn and bratty are always great fun, especially if my character believes she is in the right, but I also like to play scenes where my character is being punished for something that she knows she’s done wrong. I love to be contrite and sorry with lots of apologising and promising never to do it again.But I also love “just because” spankings, those that are delivered purely for the pleasure of both participants, without the need for roles or pretence. In this situation I am open with my feedback, letting you know exactly how it feels!

I also love to switch in sessions, my favourite role play scenes being those where you know you’ve done wrong, where you come to me and asked to be punished, or those where I am just abusing my power and punishing you for some (possibly entirely imagined) error. I would call myself a seductive sadist, giving you just enough to make you want more, but never pushing you over or beyond your limits.

As a bottom I am happy to recieve :

Hand spanking on bottom and thighs
Paddles on bottom
Straps to bottom and in some situations hands
Cane to bottom and in some situations hands and thighs
Other CP toys to bottom

The strap and cane to hands and thighs must be negotiated in advance.

As a bottom I do not do any bdsm.

As a domme, some of the things I enjoy are :

Hand spanking
Rope bondage
Suction cups
Straps and paddles
Hands on impact play
and more….

I do not provide any sexual services in either role.

So, if this sounds like something you are interested in, get in touch either by email or give me a call

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